Our Team

Founded in 2011

A grassroots event organization, Tampa Never Sleeps has grown from a 100 attendee event, catering to Florida locals, to almost 900 attendees in 2020, with players from all across the country, at our annual tournament. In that span, TNS has also hosted over 200 smaller events spanning across multiple games.

In the midst of the pandemic, TNS has transitioned to an online event organization with multiple weekly streams and competitions, with aspirations of becoming the premiere tournament stream in the world. We also offer live event production and tournament organization services to various events across the country.

Founder, Producer, Janitor

  • 15 years event management experience

  • Event Organizer, CEO gaming

  • Product Manager of Competitive Gaming, ESL FACEIT Group

Head Tournament Organizer - FGC

  • Founder of Juicy Game Night

  • TO for CEO Gaming

  • TO for DreamHack FGC

  • Red Bull Conquest Orlando TO

Head Tournament Organizer - Smash

  • 10+ years of TO experience

  • Head TO for MVG

  • Smash TO at CEO 2019/2021

Broadcast Manager

Technical Director



Project Manager


Head Tournament Organizer - Online

Production Specialist

Content Manager

Tournament Organizer


Tournament Organizer & Moderator


Camera Operator

Stage Manager


Production Specialist

Camera Operator & Commentator

Tournament Organizer

Production Specialist

Tech Manager

Registration Manager

Tournament Organizer

Online Tournament Organizer

Tournament Organizer